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The following courts are some of the courts that the galveston lawyer works at.

Texas City Courts

There are two courts located within the city limits of Texas City.  The Texas City Municipal Court and the Precinct 5 Justice of Peace Court.

Justice of the Peace Courts

The lowest court level in Texas is the Justice of the Peace Court (also called Justice Court or JP Court). 

Original jurisdiction in "criminal matters of misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only" (called "Class C" misdemeanor cases under the Texas Penal Code),

  • Exclusive jurisdiction in "civil matters where the amount in controversy is $200 or less.
  • The amount in controversy has to be $10,000.00 or less.
  •  Original jurisdiction of cases eviction cases.
JP cases can be  appealed to the county court level where the case results in a trial de novo, if done so timely. 

Municipal Court

Texas City Municipal courts in Texas come into contact with more defendants than all other Texas courts combined. The subject matter of municipal courts relates to crimes relating to public safety and quality of life issues. In recent years, municipal courts and justice court in Texas have become the primary venue for acts of misconduct committed by children.Within the city limits, these courts have shared jurisdiction with the JP courts on Class C criminal misdemeanor cases, and have exclusive jurisdiction on cases involving city ordinances.Municipal court cases are generally appealed to the county court level, but cannot be appealed beyond that level unless the fine is more than $100 or a constitutional matter is asserted.

Galveston Courts

County Courts

The County Courts at Law of Galveston County are located  in Galveston Texas. The county court has appellate jurisdiction over JP and municipal court cases (for municipal court cases, this may involve a trial de novo if the lower court is not a "court of record"), exclusive jurisdiction over "Class A" and "Class B" misdemeanors (these offenses can involve jail time), and concurrent jurisdiction over civil cases where the amount in controversy is $200,000 or less, but at least $500.00.In Galveston County, the County Courts at Law Nos. 1, 2 and 3, have both civil and criminal jurisdiction, and hear family cases.

Galveston County has a dedicated County Probate Court which handles probate related cases. There are no jurisdictional monetary limits on the types of lawsuits that a statutory probate court may hear.

District Courts

The district court has exclusive jurisdiction on felony cases, cases involving title to land, and election contest cases.

It shares jurisdiction with the county courts, and in some case justice of the peace courts, for civil cases (its lowest limit for hearing a case is a mere $200 in controversy, while JP courts can hear cases up to $10,000). In a "catchall" provision it hears all cases "in which jurisdiction is not placed in another trial court."

The 306th District Family Court of Galveston County handles just family related cases.  It shares jurisdiction with county courts at law 1, 2 and 3.

In addition to judicial powers, district judges also have administrative duties as well. District judges may remove county officials, officials of a general-law municipality, and municipal court judges, under certain circumstances. Also, they appoint and supervise the county auditor, oversee the operations of the adult and juvenile probation offices, and are granted "supervisory" jurisdiction over the county commissioners court.

Galveston Municipal Court

The Galveston Municipal Court is located within the City of Galveston, and handles cases for which municipal courts have jurisdiction arising in the city limits.

Justice Courts

There are two justice courts located in the City of Galveston.  They handle cases for which justice courts have jurisdiction, which arise in their geographical precinct.  There are also several other justice of peace courts located throughout Galveston County, which handle cases which arise in the geographical limits of their precinct.

Juvenile Court

The Galveston Juvenile Court handles criminal type conduct by children that would be handled by criminal courts if the child were an adult.  A child is someone under the age of 17.  Certain minor offenses those at the level of class c misdemeanors committed by children are  handled by municipal and justice of peace courts.

Commissioners Court

The principal functions of a Commissioners Court are legislative. Although referred to as a court, Commissioners Courts generally exercise only limited judicial powers in Texas. Those judicial powers in Texas the ability to compel testimony under oath, the ability to issue citations for contempt, and the ability to make findings of fact.  The main power of the court is the power of monetary expenditures within the county.  The annually makes the county tax rate and the county budget, setting the salary and budget for independent elected officials, outlining expenditures for departments under its control.   The court has the power to make county policies, and sometimes to  enact legislation by court orders, among other things


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